Hair Color That Suits Your Skin Tone

Hair Color That Suit Your Skin Tone by Edward Kim

Hello, this is Edward here, I am going to talk about the different hair colors that suits the different skin tones. If you are thinking of changing your looks but is unsure of what color to go for, fear not, I will help you to find your perfect color through this article! 

 Asian skin tones can be classified into 4 types: fair skin tone, dark skin tone, reddish skin tone and yellowish skin tone.

Image: Kim Hee-sun

Majority of Koreans including men have fair skin tone. This is partially due to many of them using products such as BB cream. Those with fair skin tone, count yourself lucky as you will generally look great in any color of your choice. However, if your skin is slightly reddish, colors like red-brown or wine-red will suit you best and if you have a "cooler" fair tone, colors like blue-black or dark purple will look best. Since fair skin tone people you guys are a lucky bunch, you could choose any color you desire. Bright colors will give off a cute and cheerful look, while with dark colors you would give off an elegant and classy aura.  

Image: Lee Hyo-ri

Lee Hyo-ri is well known for her dark skin tone. Those with dark skin tone, you give off a healthy and active look. Unfortunately you have to be careful with your color choices, if you were to go for a bright color, the contrast to your skin will be over excessive which you will end up looking dull. Colors such as dark orange or copper-brown will look best. If you are looking for a sexier look i recommend the color orange as compared to normal brown. If you want a strong and lasting impression, go black! Stars like Lee Hyo-ri have had hers black for a while now. However, dying your hair black means that you will have to bleach your hair if you wish to change your look in the future. 

suzy missa.PNG

Image: Suzy

Reddish skin tone, is warm-toned and it is best for cool-toned colors as compared to warm-toned. It is best to avoid colors such as reddish-brown, wine-red or pink-brown for this skin tone as it will accentuate the redness of your skin. Cool-toned colors such as khaki-brown or ash brown that subtly contain bluish undertone will hep to minimize the look of redness in the skin tone. 

uee after school.jpg

Image: Uee (After School)

Many asian are born with yellowish skin tone, dark hair can bring out the oriental feel but may accentuate the yellowness of the face. I would recommend dark-drown over black and light brown over dark-brown which will help to brighten your facial skin tone. 

Do visit our salon for consultation if you wish to change your look but still are unsure of what suits you best. Professional help is always better than doing it yourself. 

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This is Edward Kim, and I will come back with more useful articles in the future.

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*Original article from the magazine Hannuri, August 2015



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