Ash Color, Have You Tried It?

Always wanted to give ash colors a try?

'Ash Colors' gives off a faded and washed-out look, radiating a modern vibe at the same time. Do not be afraid to give these colors a go. Here are some tips on styling of ash-colored hair! 


First time trying out a ash color? Ash brown is the safest option for your first try. However, to achieve this look bleaching will be necessary if dyed on unbleached natural hair, it might turn out more brown and less of a pale ash tone. Bleaching is necessary to achieve the "ashy" look. Experts recommend medium to long hair with layers for this color.  



Opt for ASH KHAKI if you want a urban chic look. This look is especially suitable for summer climate as it gives off cooling and matte feel. Ash Khaki will look good on yellow skin tone. Reddish skin tone, however, should avoid this color as the contrast in comparison your skin will look dull. This color will generally look good on any hair length. 


Pink hair is getting more common on the streets, it is no longer is called a cartoon-hair color. What makes this color unique is the 'ashy' look. Rather than having it dyed bright striking pink, the 'ashy' look is more elegant. It is however necessary to bleach your hair to achieve a color of this shade. Experts recommend this color on long length hair with a slightly messy perm to maximize the "mysterious" look. This color will suit perfectly for those with fair skin tone. 



1. Do a color test – it is important to test to see which color suits your skin tone the best. Consult a hairstylist to identify your skin tone. 

2. Aftercare is very important – visit the hair salon 2 weeks after dyeing the hair so as to lessen the frizziness that is more apparent on ash-colored hair. Constant usage of home-care hair masks and essence will be good.

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