Top 9 Korea Sheet Masks

It is the end of a long, tiring, week loaded with work, assignments, meetups, family commitments…and the list goes on. Needless to say, apart from a

relaxing hair treatment session at DuSol

beauty of course, your skin urgently needs some tender-loving care. So exfoliate your face well and enjoy the nourishing, cooling sensation of a sheet mask. Read on to find out the top 9 sheet masks of Korea:  

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1. Hera Hyaluronic Mask

, 6 for 30,000 won


This is good as a prep before your makeup routine as well. Although the mask is thinner than other masks, it can adhere tightly to the skin, giving it a beautiful glow afterwards.

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2. Innisfree Second skin mask moisture

,4500 won

Specially formulated to provide intense moisture for dry skin, the mask is fits onto your face like a “second skin”. Similar to the Hera Mask, it contains hyaluariuc acid, a powerful moisturising ingredient.

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3. Nature Republic Lotus real fresh mask sheet

, 3000 won

With the lotus being known as a tenacious life force in Chinese culture, it is no doubt that this mask is extremely popular with Chinese tourists. Enriched with vitamins and amino acids, the mask soothes and softens the skin.

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4.  SkinFood Horse Fat mask

, 1000 won

As scary as it may sound, the mask indeed contains oil extracted from horse fat. According to Chinese traditional medicine, it contains powerful healing properties. In addition, it softens and moisturises the skin by containing high amounts of Vitamin E. With such an affordable price tag, this mask is definitely value for money.

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5. Sulwhasoo Innerise Complete Mask

, 5 for 40,000won

Perfect for women in their 30s, this anti-aging mask contains fermented fluids such as flower dew and red ginseng saponin that help stimulate positive microorganisms on your skin, leaving them firmer, more luminous and resilient. According to Sulwhasso, it takes them 14 days of fermentation and processing to produce one sheet.

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6. O Hui Extreme White 3D Black Mask

, 6 for 60,000won

If you are wondering why this mask is black, it is because it contains Binchontan charcoal, which is only produced in Japan. It is said to purify the skin by removing dead skin cells, leaving the skin bright and radiant.  

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7. Laneige Brightening sparkling water mask

, 3 for 12,000won

Using this mask is like killing two birds with one stone – it contains carbonic acid bubbles which remove impurities and at the same time, moisturises the skin.

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8. IOPE Bio Essence Facial Mask

, 5 for 25,000won

Containing bio-redox compounds, this mask works with the skin’s everyday changing condition to leave it in an optimal state. Apart from moisturising properties, the mask also has strong adhesive properties for you to apply it on the go.

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9. The Face Shop Kelp mask

, 1000 won

Kelp is not just good for your body, it is good for your skin too – it helps to eliminate toxins and contains lemon extract, which is rich in Vitamin C, leaving you with bright and clear skin.

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