Skincare tips during PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)


For some girls, having a breakout all of a sudden can only mean one thing – it is the dawn of the dreaded pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). Other symptoms include headaches, indigestion, depression, anxiety, mood swings and hormonal fluctuations. Unlike these symptoms which will go away eventually, skin breakouts, in particular, require attention as they will leave acne scars if not properly dealt with.

Pre-menstrual breakouts are caused by fluctuations of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. As the amount of these hormones in your body changes, so does the amount of sebum secreted from your skin. Very often, it is an excessive secretion of sebum that leads to pre-menstrual pimples.

Pre-menstrual breakouts, are, unfortunately, a tricky problem to deal with as it is something that occurs monthly. If not treated, the monthly breakouts will cause bacteria to accumulate on your skin, deepening any existing acne scars and damaging your skin.

As such, here are some helpful skincare tips that will prevent, aid and heal pre-menstrual breakouts:

1.Use an oil-free facial cleanser and moisturizer

While oils are typically good for moisturizing dry skin, it will be good for those with pre-menstrual acne to stay away from facial cleansers that contain high amounts of facial oil so as not to increase and worsen the amount of sebum your skin secretes. Instead, get an oil-free, gentle facial cleanser that will rid your face of any bacteria after a long day. It is also important to ensure that your face is well-moisturized. Thus, consider incorporating “double-moisturizing” into your skincare routine by using an oil-free moisturizer and emulsion after cleansing.

2.Do not squeeze the pimples

Squeezing the pimples will not help the situation – instead, it might leave acne scars. In fact, if you persistently touch your face with unclean hands, bacteria will be transferred to your face and prevent your breakouts from healing.

3.Avoid trying new skincare products

During and right before menstruation, your skin becomes very sensitive. Thus, avoid trying new cosmetics and skincare products as they might irritate your skin and cause redness or allergies. Use products that you have tried before and that are gentle on your skin.

4.Protect the skin from UV

How many times have we heard from skincare experts about the importance of sunscreen? While many of us are aware that it is a must-have and must-use skincare item, we still sometimes neglect it. Sunscreen is important, and even more so for those trying to prevent pre-menstrual acne.

5.Seek treatment from experts

If you continue to suffer from breakouts despite using relevant skincare products and adopting good skincare practices, then it may be time to visit a dermatologist. They will diagnose the root cause of your breakouts, offer valuable advice specific to your condition and provide appropriate treatments such as laser treatments that target menstruation-related acne.

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