10 of Korea's Hottest Female Celebs

So the last time we brought you

10 of Korea’s Hottest Male Celebs

. This time, we are bringing you the female celebs! 

There are just so many to choose from; they are all so utterly gorgeous, but we managed to choose 10 to feature today! Phew.

10. Kim Yu-jin (Uee from After School)

Don’t let her dainty girlish looks fool you. This star from girl group “After School” is actually rather sporty. While in Incheon Physical Education High School, she was a fervent swimmer and even competed in the Korean National Sports Festival.

Image: www.afterschooldaze.wordpress.com

Probably explains why she looks so perfect in those sports apparel. ;)

Image: www.afterschooldaze.wordpress.com

9. Yoon Eun-hye

Some of you might have known her since the time she stared in “Princess Hours”, then onto “Coffee Prince”! One might think she is simply


; but this actress showed that she can be smoking hot as well.

Image: www.koalasplayground.com

Image: www.clear-skinsecret.blogspot.sg

8. Bae Suzy

From popular girl group “Miss A”, Suzy is often one to capture attention with her perfect moves and pretty face.

Image: www.showasia.ru

Image: www.dkpopnews.net

7. Park Min-young

Blessed with pleasant features, Park Min Young is one of Korea’s most beloved actresses.

Image: www.koalasplayground.com

In the recent series “Healer”, she received quite a bit of critique from netizens for how she looked with short hair. Nevertheless, she still earns a spot on our list!

Image: www.file.sidushq.com

6. Im Nana (Nana from After School)

The same year she started her singing career with After School, this beauty launched her modeling career as well. And to this date is known as one of Korea’s hottest women.

Image: www.weheartit.com

Image: www.tumblr.com

5. Han Ga-in

A highly successful actress and model, you might have seen her face in airline commercials and in popular shows like “Bad Guy” or “Moon That Embraces The Sun”.

Image: www.ezday.co.kr

Image: www.etnews.com

4. Song Hye-kyo

At just the age of 14, Song Hye Kyo’s superior talents for show biz already emerged where she did professional modeling for a school uniform company and won first place in SunKyung Smart Modeling Contest. Then in 2000, she went on to win the audience’s hearts with her great acting in “Autumn In My Heart”.

Image: www.koreangirlshd.com

Image: www.tistory.co.kr

3. Park Shin-hye

Before this celebrity broke to the screen, she was a k-pop dancer for singer Lee-Sung-hwan’s MV “Flower”. Then she decided to take up formal training lessons and the rest was history.

Image: www.koreaboo.com

 Today the star not only enjoys a successful music career; she also won leading roles in popular shows like “Goong S” and “The Heirs”.

Image: www.soompi.com

 2. Kim Hyuna

Famous for her hot bod and alluring dance moves, it is not wonder Kim Hyuna is the darling of the music industry. Initially a part of Wonder Girls, she is now a member of 4 Minute.

Image: www.pinterest.com

 Plus her appearance in Psy’s “Gangnam Style” was just incredible.

Image: www.k-pop-kimhyunah-poland.blogspot.com

 1. Kwon Yuri

And here’s our number 1!

After training for 5 years and 11 months, Yuri finally made her debut and became a popular icon of Girls’ Generation. When watching the group dance, it is almost impossible to take your eyes off this hot babe.

Image: www.pinterest.com

Image: www.beautifulkoreanartists.com

It is even harder to miss her when she appears in variety show “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education”, where her hilarious personality really shines through!

That is our list for today!

Do you agree with us? Which Korean female celeb do you think rightfully earns a spot in the list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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