10 Korea's Hottest Male Celebs

Awesome music, gorgeous fashion trends and delicious food – these are just some of the things brought about from Korea.

And oh yes, the beautiful celebrities.

In today’s post, we will be showing you 10 of Korea’s hottest hunks in show biz. You might already know their faces – but if you don’t, you’re in for a real treat!

10. Ju Ji-hoon

Image: www.hancinema.net

Image: www.hoahoa77992.blogspot.sg

Image: www.dramafever.com

Since his first leading role in “Princess Hours”, Ji-Hun Ju had to leave the show biz scene for a bit – but that did not stop fans from remembering his stunning great looks.

9. Kim Woo-bin

Image: www.fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net

Image: www.tumblr.com

Image: www.tumblr.com

Standing at 1.88m, this actor and model is easily one of the favorites of ladies out there; much thanks to his cool and bad boy look.

8. Nickhun 

Image: www.kbox.com.br

Image: www.gurupop.com

Image: www.360kpop.com

This crazy adorable pretty boy is much like a multiplayer; an actor, model, singer and rapper! He also has mixed heritage of Thai and Chinese, while holding an American citizenship and is very active in the South Korea scene as a member of 2PM.

7. Choi Min-ho

Image: www.tumblr.com

Image: www.tumblr.com

Image: www.fanpop.com

A heart-stopping combination of a great physique, disarming charmand sweet puppy eyes – there was never a doubt about this singer-actor’s appeal.

6. Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)

Image: www.soompi.com

Image: www.soompah.blogspot.tw

Image: www.cloudusa.wordpress.com

One of the most well known Korean stars is Rain, also known as Jun Ji-Hoon. Starting from singing and acting, Rain is now also a great songwriter and producer.

5. TOP (Choi Seung-hyun)

Image: www.pinterest.com

Image: www.dramafever.com

Image: www.10bestreview.com

This rapper, singer-songwriter and actor is an important member of Big Bang and also a huge success when performing solo.

4. Choi Si-won

Image: www.niesa87himura.wordpress.com

Image: www.dramafever.com

Image: www.kpopstarz.com

Was there ever a doubt of Choi Siwon’s position on this list? With a prince-like visage, this singer-songwriter and actor also has a really nice bod.

And did you know that he is one of the first four South-Korean artists to appear on Chinese postage stamps? That’s definitely a mail worth receiving. ;)

3. Lee Min-ho

Image: www.dramafever.com

Image: www.hasvanote.blogspot.sg

Image: www.korean-actors.blogfa.com

A familiar face and name; Lee Min Ho has won the hearts of audiences with his adorably charming roles in several Korean dramas. It doesn’t hurt that this handsome one has a nice singing voice as well.

2. Ji Chang-wook

Image: www.jichangwookkitchen.com

Image: www.kjtamusings.wordpress.com

Image: www.tumblr.com

From a struggling musical theatre actor, Ji Chang-Wook persevered on and earned his breakthrough with his role in “Smile Again” and "Healer" on channel KBS.

1. Kim Jae-joong

Image: www.fanpop.com

Image: www.dbsknights.net

Image: www.dramafever.com

With just one look, no one would think that this gorgeous celebrity would have a life less than perfect.

When in reality, he was put up for adoption at a tender age. And when he was 15, he moved to Seoul where he slogged at odd jobs for food, rent and training fees. He admitted to being tone-deaf when he was younger and was ridiculed for his dream to be a singer.

But look where he is now!

That concludes our list for today!

Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below!

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