K-Pop Girl Groups & Their Summer Style


It is the peak of the summer and we are seeing K-pop comebacks every few days or so, especially from girl groups such as Girls’ Generation, Sistar and Apink. Apart from their music videos and soundtracks, much attention is also given by fans to their looks and style. Here are some common style and beauty trends shared by girl groups in the comebacks of this summer:

1. Light colored hair 

Image source: www.soshified.com

Girls Generation 'PARTY' MV

Image source: www.soompi.com

Apink 'Remember' MV

From blonde to light pink, many idols are noticeably going for lighter hair. In fact, almost all the members of Girls Generation are sporting hair dyed in lighter colors for their recent comeback. Light colored hair serves to emit a frisky, playful vibe that fits the comeback concepts of many girl groups this summer.

2. Bold prints & Bright colors

Image source: www.hellokpop.com

Sistar 'Shake It' MV

Image source: www.telluofficial.com

Girls Generation

Image source: www.tumblr.com

Naeun of Apink

Step out in style this summer with bright colors and bold prints. Complement these outfits with equally flashy accessories as the girls of SISTAR have done to make an extra loud ensemble or tone it down with simple headbands and plain white shorts and shoes just like Girls Generation.

Addictively fun, these prints injects a blast of color to your wardrobe. But if you are not ready for such “in-your-face” graphic prints such as that worn by APink’s Naeun and yet would still like to jump on this trend, then try easing it into your outfit by wearing eye-catching accessories, shoes and bags.

3. Get ready to hit that beach!

Image source: www.koreaboo.com

Girl's Day 'Ring My Bell' MV

Image source: www.telluofficial.com

9 Muses

Have a cool respite at the beach with a swimsuit that best complements your body type! Opt for a


swimsuit such as those worn by Girl's Day or achieve a sportier look with rash guards (swimsuits with sleeves) such as those worn by Nine Muses. These flattering midriff-revealing beachwear strikes a good balance between being slightly conservative and exuding a certain sexiness in your look.

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