5 Ways To dress Up Your Summer

Spring has gone by and summer is ready to burn. As much as Singapore enjoys the tropical fever all year, it


undeniably hotter these few months.

The sun kissed summer look is a whole package; you need that pretty sundress, a cute beach bag and without a doubt – the right hair to pull it off.

Here are some great summer hairdos that will almost make you feel like this diabolical heat is all worthwhile. Yes, we’re talking about statement-making short to medium crowns with that sophisticated & classy feel every city girl needs.

The Pixie

A hot favourite – this hairdo was rocked by Sunny of Girls’ Generation in their “Stop Following Me” video.

Image: www.soompi.com

If you’ve got a gorgeous jawline that you want to flaunt or make your neck appear longer, this could just be your summer look. And if you are a lover of highlights, The Pixie really brings focus to the colour contrasts.

The Mermaid Wave

Giving off a sophisticated and effortlessly stylish look is The Mermaid Wave.


Eun Hye’s waves radiate a subtle sophistication that complemented her classy-woman look flawlessly.

Image: www.hancinema.net

The Short Wave plays with some soft curls that inject volume into your crown. It’s great for framing faces and perfect for adding that bit of class into your image.

The Chin Flip

Natural with a little twist!

Behold Park Min Young with hair just to the chin and a little flick upwards – looking effortlessly stylish.

Image: www.stylemilk.net

While some ladies are cool with blow-drying this style before heading out in the morning, some opt for a perm that will let you wake up looking beautiful.

The Straight-Up Bangs & Bob

It’s basic yet known to be very high fashion.

This look is harder to pull off than usual – but if you can do it, it’ll looking drop-dead gorgeous. With a hairdo like this, you might just look like you waltzed right out of a fashion magazine.

Image: www.prettydesigns.com

For an even higher fashion look, tell your stylist to cut the ends to the same length. A straight out and sleek snip will bring out a very high-fashion look. If you prefer something a little more easy-going, then let the ends be cut nicely into naturally various lengths.

The Side-Swept

The pretty girl-next-door look has just come knocking.

IU glows innocently with her tresses cut short and let loose naturally. Instead of bangs, do a side parting and sweep your fringe aside.

Image: www.youfel.com

Probably the style with the least amount of maintenance required; this is a godsend for those who are pressed for time. Simply wake up, use your trusty brush to smoothen any tangles out and you are good to go.

Last but not least, below is the Hair Cut & Styling Tutorial video, featuring our own Korean Senior Hairstylist Edward Kim. Enjoy!

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