7 Types Of Street Fashion In Korea

Greetings, beautiful people!

The last time we brought you three eye-catching summer looks sported by Korean girl groups --- so this time, we take you to the streets.

Korea, while jam-packed with some super delicious food and sights to write home about, has its share of really fashionable people who just become ultimate eye candies.

Image source: www.remotelands.com

Here are 7 different looks that have taken to the streets and won their way into our style-loving hearts.

1. The Simple Crop

Image source: www.itsmestyle.com

Image source: www.tumblr.com

Basic tees are breaking their way back into the limelight, but not without a twist.

Cropped just enough to show off a little midriff skin --- these tees work best with a great-fitting pair of denims to flaunt effortless street style.

2. Denim-ology

Image source: www.dramafever.com

Don't you just love how Hyeri of Girl's Day is decked in a totally unique and eye-catching denim ensemble?

While denim is one style that never goes out of fashion, fashionistas have amped it up in almost every way possible. From ripped jeans to dyed denims...

Image source: www.seoulthespot.com

The sky is the limit if you want to express your sense of personal style with something as versatile as denim.

3. High On Jumpsuits

Image source: www.tumblr.com

Image source: www.kooding.com

Once upon a time closely associated with farm work, the jumpsuit now has jumped its way up the fashion ranking and a must-have in every stylish lady's closet!

Moving outside the usual denim jumpsuits, behold an enormous range of simply trendy designs!

Albeit some ladies complain about lavatory-related issues when wearing jumpsuits, but most would say it's a small price to pay for looking so fashionable. *wink*

4. Platform Shoes

Image source: www.hdimagegallery.net

Image source: www.style.com

Heels might just have to take a backseat now, because here comes in fashionable footwear that not only gives extra height --- but is also more comfortable!

With those super thick soles, you can literally scale greater heights in style. And to add icing to the cake, some come with rather cool designs on them that scream personal style to no end.

5. Confidently Oversized

Image source: www.iamalexfinch.net

Image source: www.vogue.com

Exuding confidence like no other --- the oversized look is one of the hot favorites in Korea. No only is it great for all seasons, it makes you look super stylish without even trying too hard.

Pick out simple-looking basics to wear inside and oversized statement-maker outerwear does all the magic. No fuss, just fashion.

6. Skirts + Sneakers

Image source: www.style.com

Image source: www.tumblr.com

One thing some of you might notice is that Koreans tend to wear flats more often than heels. Sure, heels are great from giving extra leg length to flaunt --- but something about sneakers with skirts gives off a really young and flirty look.

7. BFF & Couple Looks

Probably one of the best looks Koreans like to pull off is the BFF & couple look! Granted you need someone else's cooperation to complete it --- but it sure is worth it!

Image source: www.tumblr.com

The secret to Korean's couple wear is that you don't need to


look like twins; you just need to coordinate your outfits to match! And voila, you look like stylish peas in a pod!

Image source: www.dramafever.com

Image source: www.dramafever.com

Did we leave out any of your favorite Korean street fashion? Let us know if we have! Or tell us which one is your favorite of the list :)

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