2014 Summer Styling : Wear Korean Trendy Beachwear

If you have a special plan for your summer vacation, it must be off to the beach! This summer, make a splash with Korean style beachwear. From flattering bikinis with in-built chic to It-dresses, The best beachwear not only makes you feel and look good, but it also boost the confidence of the wearer doesn't it! Check out the latest Korean trendy summer looks and get some inspiration!

1 : Tropical Vivid

Palms, fruits and exotic tropical floral motifs was the epitome of summer look icon! This year, more fanciful patterns and vivid colors are added on. Match intense neon-colored pants and cropped tops and add colorful bangles to complete your tropical look. Sundresses with gorgeous patterns can create simple and modern tropical styling. Slip on a white sandal and pop-color accessories like sunglasses! Be shining like a diamond on the beach!

Tropical print maxi dress is also an indispensable item for summer vacation on the beach. Song Ji Hyo, the heroin of famous TV show <Running Man> shows off her refreshing charm with an tropical print maxi dress. Long maxi dress with gorgeous pattern often look casual yet feminine. Walk on the beach and catch the beautiful sunset with an elegant maxi dress. Nothing could be more romantic like this.

2: Bringing back the retro

Image credit : http://www.ggossipgirl.co.kr Cutie dot bikini

2014 bikini style is all the reminiscent of the pin-up girl. High-waist, big white polka dots patterns. If you feel bored with the similar design of bikini, try retro-style bikinis. You'll love this tummy-controlling high-waist design. Sizzle up your holiday and body with these cutie-sexy bikinis!

These retro-inspired bikinis provide the perfect way to pay homage to the bombshells of the ’50s - in particular – the Marilyn Monroe and the Jayne Mansfield. They’re playful, curvaceous, steeped in sex appeal.

3: Wild & Glam

Be sexy and glamorous like Lee Tae Im with wild animal pattern swimwear! Animal patterns is well loved among hot ladies. Bold patterns like leopard, monokini with cut-out design makes the whole body line more curvy and sexy. Every woman has their wild side! Bold animal print bikini, especially those inspired by tiger stripes and tribal pattern, is made for the bold, sexy and confident woman. Show off your wildest side of you in an animal print bikini.

But remember!

When you choose your swimwear, the most important thing is finding your best fit, rather than the design. If you choose the right design for flattering your body type, you can strut your stuff in a suit made for you whether you want to minimize your hips, hide your belly, support your chest, or fake a curvier figure! Find the best fit for your body type with following tips.

6 Styles Of Swimwear To Suit Your Body Type

(Source : http://www.buzzfeed.com/nattystyle/bathing-suits-by-body-type)

Wear this style if:

- You have a larger upper body than lower, and want to emphasize your hips 

- You would like to accentuate your waist

- You would like to lengthen legs

Why it works:

- Anything that sits at your natural waist will draw attention to the smallest part of your middle. However, it will also draw attention to the hips and pelvis area, so it’s not great for hiding a tummy.

- Most of the attention will be drawn down, distracting from a larger bust and thus balancing your shape.

Wear this style if:

- You have a smaller bust to hip ratio

- You would like to emphasize your bust to make it appear larger

- You would like to slim hips

Why it works:

- Printed, embellished tops draw attention to the bust, balancing a larger bottom

- BONUS: Dark paneling on the sides of the bottom create the illusion of a smaller hip

Wear this style if:

- You want to create or accentuate an hourglass figure.

- You want to hide a tummy.

- You want to show less skin.

Why it works:

- Ruching at the waist of the suit on the left settles into the curve of your body, while distracting from any lumps and bumps.

- The colored panels in the suit on the right create curves and enhance a bust.

- Bonus — the high cut of this suit makes legs appear longe


Wear this style if:

- You need support in the bust

- OR You want to create the appearance of a larger bust

- You want to balance larger hips by drawing attention to bust

Why it works:

- The flounced style on top draws attention upward and away from hips.

- Fuller coverage offers more support. So it works for both small and larger busted women

Wear this style if:

- You have a larger bust to hip ratio

- You would like to distract from a larger bust and emphasize hips

- You want to draw attention to hips to balance your shape

Why it works:

- Prints always draw attention and add volume. So wearing prints where you want more attention, and solids where you want less is a great tool for balancing body shape.

Wear this style if:

- You have a boyish shape and want to create more curves

- You would like to enhance hips and bust

Why it works:

- Ruffles add volume, so they make hips and bust look larger