2014 Summer Styling : Best Korean Short Hairstyle

There is always something so attractive about women with short hair. They show off the confidence and looks sexy and stylist. The good thing of having short hair is that it requires minimum maintenance! Korean Celebrities also love short hairstyles,  it give them an opportunity to change their image for a refreshing look. This summer, be brave to cut your hair like what some of the Korean celebrities did!  You'll discover a new look which you never know for yourself!^^

1 : "You're all surrounded" Go Ara's Short Balloon Perm Hair

Go Ara, Eo Soo-Sun in popular Korean drama series ""You're all surrounded" featured a cute short wavy hair. When Eo soo-sun decided to become a police officer in drama, she cut long hair and changed her hairstyle to "Short Balloon Perm" style. 

To get this lovely bob style, first cut hair with a few layers. Then add some texture by digital perm. It will look natural if you get thick curls from the mid-point of hair. The parting of the hair can be changed according to your face shape. Having bangs with this style will have a vast difference in the overall image. If you have bangs, it will make shape you into a cute, lovely look. Go Ara looks more feminine without bangs. Go Ara's has a chocolate brown hair colour, which gives off a soft glow under sunlight.

▲ How to get this hair : Digital Ballon Perm

▲ Hair Colour: Chocolate Brown

▲ Maintenance : Use heat-perm care products since your hair can be dry due to heat. Apply essences to create bouncy, lustre curls.

2 : Girl's day Hyeri's unbalance bob hairstyle

Girl's Day Hyeri's simple and modern bob hairstyle is featured with an unbalance cut. For this hair, you need to cut your hair length till your jaw line while the cut at the sidelines are a little longer, and add C-curls to the ends of the hair. The voluminous curls is all you need to direct all attention to your face. With volume and long fringe contouring your jawline, it's very effective for shaping the frame of your face. Thus, making your face smaller. For people who has thick hair, it is also recommended to do volume magic rebonding to create more classic and elegant looks.

Korean C-curl perm, is a kind of digital perm, which can create natural hairstyle and easy to maintain. All you have to do is just curl the ends of the hair with your fingers when you blow dry your hair after shower. 

To avoid looking boring, Hyeri is adventurous in getting her hair different colors. Khaki gray, red-brown, light-brown colour will switch up your look in their unique colour characteristics. Try your favourite hair colour with this short hairstyle!

▲ How to get this hair : C-curl Perm

▲ Maintenance : The volume of upper hair is most important to do styling. After shampoo don't forget to apply essence. Before blow drying your hair, flip your hair over your head and blow dry to create the volume needed for this hairstyle.

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