SNSD Yoona inspired Lovely C-curl hairstyle

Yoona from SNSD, whenever we look her picture we can't seem to let her beauty go and want to share. Her mid-length straight here is her signature hairstyles. It combines her pure and innocent look with her cute and bubbly look. In her latest drama "Prime minister and I(총리와 나)" she also show off charming natural, bouncy wave hair. 

Senior Hair Stylist from Korea,

Erica Baik

recreates Yoona's hairstyle with some modifications of her own.

Yoona's Hairstyle in "Prime minister and I"

This style is categorized as a C-curl hairstyle - C-curl at the ends, Volume Magic Rebonding in the mid body to create a soft look with natural waves. This hair is perfect for every occasion and is easy to do as well as maintaining. For creating C-curls instead of S-curls, Body perm is the best choice to give your hair a natural yet voluminous look. Her hair colour is light brown, which prevent her hair from looking too heavy. This C-curl hairstyle is also effective for contouring jawline to make it look slim and sharp. V-line face is the desire of every woman. Let's be confident with this lovely hairstyle.


Our model Dawn has a thick black straight hair. Surprisingly It was first time for her to do perm! As she has long layered hair, we need to cut her hair in middle length to perm. Also, her hair was too dark, dying her hair with bright colours would be difficult as it could damage her hair. So we decided to dye her hair to dark brown colour and create c-curls at the end of her hair.

> Model : Dawn


1) Cut hair to make a single layer

Before creating waves, the most important part is making a clear hair line. Since her hair has a lot of layers, it could be messy and difficult to manage after perm. So Erica trimmed her hair to achieve an equal hair length.

2) Colouring

Our model have never dyed her hair before so it could be difficult to get the bright colour dye to be absorb into the hair cuticle for first dye. In the end, dark chocolate brown colour was chosen for her. This dark colour helps to brighten up her skin tone with a delicate look! A bright hair colour with c-curls could be too loud. So, Erica recommended colour number 7 from Milbon colour chart. After deciding on the colour, Erica apply the cream evenly onto her hair and waited around 40 minutes.

3) Soften hair before perm

Before we get started with the perming process, Erica softened her hair to create curls with ease. By heating her hair with machine, it speeds up the process thus reducing damages on the hair. It also help the perm cream to penetrate into the hair shaft evenly. This process takes approximately 15 mins.

4) Creating C-curl at the bottom

We use Korean setting perm for creating natural curls. This setting perm gives volume and weight with minimum damage. Unlike the traditional type of perm, Korea setting perm reduces frizz by distributing heat evenly throughout the hair shaft. It is also easy to manage and the end result is shiny and natural. Ceramic rods are also capable of breaking down water into tiny droplets that are absorbed by the hair shaft, thereby locking the natural moisture of the hair during styling. it takes 30 minutes to create bouncy curls. 

5) Straighten other parts of hair

To achieve a smooth yet voluminous upper hair body, we use a flat iron to straighten it.


The curls look very natural and feminine, as if she used an iron to create the curls. 

Straight hair could be boring but right now, C-curls makes her look pretty and lovely. Maintaining this hairstyle is very easy. After shampoo, apply serum or essence. Blow dry hair with fingers twisting hair curls inward. 

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