Forget Contouring; Try Strobbing

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Everyone knows the wonders of facial contouring. It can


change the way your face looks.


Contouring can make your face look slimmer, eyes bigger & deeper, nose narrower… Basically the possibilities are limitless.

A perfectly chiselled face is suddenly made achievable.

However here comes a new makeup method that makes contouring so yesterday. We know this as ‘strobbing’.

You might not find this word in the dictionary just yet… But we assure you, it’s legit. ;)

Unlike contouring which makes use of a bronzer and a highlighter…


Strobbing only requires the



Contouring = Bronzer + Highlighter

Strobbing = Highlighter

This makeup method is totally raved because it captures light on the face that gives off a super radiant glow, making you look younger and healthier!


Unlike contouring, you won’t look like you’re trying too hard. It is the must-have method to use to achieve the ‘natural beauty’ look. Without the dark hues of a bronzer, your face will appear even more radiant.

By using the highlighter, you place some product on areas where you want to achieve volume and bring attention to!

You can use a myriad of highlighter products, but here are some favourites!




YSL Touche Éclat


Product: ETUDE HOUSE Highlighter Nymph AURA Volumer


Product: Innisfree Mineral Highlighter

Here’s a standard guide to help you out. :)


Here’s the whole rationale behind highlighting those specific points in the guide -


Above & Below Eyebrow Arch:

This is to make your eyebrows seem higher. This will help in giving proportion to your face.

Inner Eyes:

Just between your eyes and your nose bridge; this area is super important in giving you a more ‘awake’ appearance by making your eyes look larger.

Outer Bottom of Eyes:

Like a complement to the ‘Inner Eyes’, this step also helps in enlarging your eyes in giving you a rather innocent and lively look!


Nose Bridge:

Well, this one is pretty well-known. It is great for giving the illusion of a higher, sharper and narrower nose! Your nose is the center of your face, so it has to look impeccable.

Cupid Bow:

By highlighting this part, you will make your lips look like it’s pouting and more defined - very sexy.


This helps you elongate your face and give the illusion of a sharper face!


Cheekbones to Outer Eye:

This final step is often missed out by many, but it actually creates a very subtle yet noticeable difference. It will make your cheekbones appear higher and give you an overall more chiselled-looking face.

So store away your bronzer and be extra loving to your highlighter!

Get ready to look stunningly fresh and radiant with strobbing!

Try this out and tell us how it works out for you in the comments below! :)

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