Singapore's Favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands & Their Worthy Mentions (Part II)

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We are back with part 2 of Singapore’s Favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands!

So what do we have in store to show you today?

  1. VDL

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Price Range: $$

A fairly new player in the Singapore market - this brand has quickly won the hearts of all beauty-lovers in our tropical city. With it’s super sleek and posh ambience, it readies elegantly packaged cosmetics to be indulged by customers.

While everyone raves about the

Beauty Metal Cushion Foundation

, we cannot deny that our most loved from VDL is their

Lumilayer Primer

. Crazy easy to blend, keeps makeup flawless for significantly longer and gives a radiant glow. What’s not to love?

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After all, it was


popular that it was practically sold out in Singapore when it made its first launch.

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  1. Laneige

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Price Range: $$$

This brand is no stranger to Singaporeans, albeit some initially had difficulties pronouncing its name… A popular brand name, it truly lives up to its standards of producing quality products for just about any skin requirement.

Almost everyone knows Laneige’s signature product, but it’s really worthwhile to mention again. Our favorite is their awesome

Water Sleeping Mask


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Diabolical humid weather that simply isn’t ideal for great skin? Oh, the woes of the Singaporean beauty-lovers! But fret not when you do your regular application of this baby right here before you catch some winks at night. Wake up to moist and supple skin in the morn!

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  1. Sulwhasoo

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Highly underrated in Singapore - this brand is definitely worthy of more attention and recognition than it has currently. Some say it is the original hanbang (Korean herb medicine) cosmetic brand that combines medicinal value with cosmetic enhancements that bring out the best in everyone’s visage.

Well, while their moisturizing ranges are absolutely worth a try; we love their

Perfecting Cushion

that is quite literally a Holy Grail! It really does make the skin look smooth and flawless.

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And this product generously comes in 4 different shades as well!

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  1. belif

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Price Range: $$

A brand that prides itself in not containing any preservatives in their products and uses only natural herbs; it has been quite the darling of those with sensitive skin. The entire line is inspired by the 19th century apothecary techniques, which you can clearly see once you step into any of its stores.

Other than getting your science bone intrigued by the store’s interior, be sure to check out their

The True Cream - Aqua Bomb

! Containing Lady’s Mantle, this product is quite literally giving your skin a hydration explosion. Super apt for those days when your skin is feeling dry, but you still have to go out there to conquer the world.

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  1. 3CE

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Price Range: $

The most economically priced brand; yet without giving off


sort of cheapo vibe. ;) This brand is all about quirky, fresh and pretty! Once upon a time it wasn’t available in stores in Singapore… but rejoice! For it has officially arrived on the shelves of Sephora.

What we love best is how you get to customize the colours till you get what you want! And they do it best with their

Lip Pigment


Don’t get caught with the same shade as someone else, or compromise your beauty because they didn’t sell a shade that suits your complexion best.

With 3CE, it’s like back to fun art class - only this time, with beauty injected! Mix up the colours to see what you get and tweak around till you’re satisfied.

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So that concludes our 10 Singapore’s Favorite Korean Cosmetic Brands & Their Worthy Mentions! We had:


  1. The Face Shop | Real Nature Mask Sheet
  2. Missha | M Perfect Cover BB Cream
  3. Etude House | Fresh Cherry Lip Tint
  4. Innisfree | Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
  5. Too Cool For School | Egg Mousse Pack & Soap
  6. VDL | Lumilayer Primer
  7. Laneige | Water Sleeping Mask
  8. Sulwhasoo | Perfecting Cushion
  9. belif | The True Cream - Aqua Bomb
  10. 3CE | Lip Pigment

Be sure to get your hands on them! :)

Have anymore particular brands or products that you feel ought to be mentioned or would like us to try out?

Let us know in the comments below!

Till next time! 안녕!

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