Ready-To-Wear Fall Makeup

With changing seasons (in most parts of the world, at least), many makeup brands are churning out colors like burgundy, plum and dark rose shades for fall, which means that it could be the perfect opportunity for you to switch up your makeup looks.

Look 1- Shadow Hunters

With twinkling eyes and dark red lips, be prepared to charm everyone in the most mysterious way.

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Step 1:

To emphasise a smooth base, use a foundation that gives a polished sheen, which has taken over the matte base to be the ‘it-look’ of this season.

Cover spots and dark circles with a concealers and pat it with a sponge brush to ensure it fully blends with the skin.

Highlight the cheekbones by applying a coral color with wide sweeping, rounded strokes

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Step 2:

Neat eyebrows are a reflection of elegance. Fill in the gaps in the eyebrows with a natural shade, being mindful of keeping its original shape.

Apply soft, milky-caramel colored eyeshadow to ¾ of the eyelids. Be careful not to apply a shadow that is so shimmering that it overshadows the eyes’ natural sparkle.  

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Step 3:

Look as if you have just drank some red-wine by applying a burgundy, deep red matte lip colour. Press a tissue to your lips to remove the extra lip color and pat your hands in a ‘teok-teok’ motion to set the color in place.

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Essential Items:



Vernis in love Caroline Burgundy 6ml 25,000 won



Mineralize Eyeshadow x 4 Pure Bred 2g 66,000won



Expert Color Lip Cube Out Bloom 3.5g 22,000won



Studio Waterweight Foundation 30ml 50,000won

Look 2 – Beautiful Minimalism

Rock in style with leather trim jackets and minimal but statement accessories

Beautiful Minimalism

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Step 1

Start off with a natural foundation that suits your skin type, be it cushion or liquid. Use a concealer to spot-conceal dark spots and dark circles.

Apply a dark pink pearl blusher to contour the face and give a beautiful glow.

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Step 2:

Using a gel eyeliner, finely and gently line the eyes, including the undereye. Join the two lines together with an upward flick at the corners of the eyes. Apply a dark-colored powder eyeshadow and a light mascara to create a shadow effect.  

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Step 3:

Instead of red lipstick, choose a sexy nude color to complement the chic eye makeup. For those who are aiming for those perfect nude lips, foundation can be applied first to the lips to accentuate the lipstick’s nude pigment.

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Essential Item



Full lash volume mascara Balck 6ml 36,000won


끌레드뽀보떼 Cle de Peau

Powder Blush Duo 88,000won



Velvet Shadow Stick Oaxaca 1.6g 39,000won



Soft Melting Liner Cacao Powder Black 0.5g 9000won



Mineralise Rich Lipstick Rare Breed 3.6g 33,000won

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