How DuSol Beauty Did Gera's Hair


(annyeonghaseyo), everyone!

It might not be the New Year just yet – but who really needs a reason to sport a fresh new look?

Today we are going to be showing you how DuSol Beauty works our image-changing magic on our model Gera. ;)

So here are the model’s complaints about her hair before heading down to our salon:

“It’s naturally straight, but looks so flat!”

“I’ve had this color for the longest time… Been to countless salons and they all just recommend the same thing.”

“Super damaged and dry ends.”


This was how Gera’s hair looked before.

With uneven hair colors and frizzy strands, her hair was practically crying for help.

For this challenging task, we entrusted it to one of DuSol Beauty’s wonderful stylists – Sia!

From South Korea, lovely Sia is super skilled with the art of a hair stylist and almost immediately knew what to do with Gera once she looked at her.

First off:

Sia customized the hair colors! Taking into account the model’s complexion, she picked out shades and mixed them up to form a unique color.

A mixture of green and pink! Which actually scared Gera a little…

Gera: “Sia had this ‘just trust me’ look on her face… Haha! So I just went with it.”

At DuSol Beauty, we know that a lady’s makeup needs to stay untouched. So we provide protective plastic face shields! No worries about accidental splatters!

Because Gera’s hair has a mountain of colors – Sia insisted on bleaching. No… Not just bleaching… Double bleaching!

Sia: “It’s for the color to really pop!”

Only after double bleaching, then Sia felt that the model’s hair was ready to take on a new color.

Now we all know that coloring your hair alone can be damaging – but bleaching makes it even worse. So DuSol Beauty ensured that with bleaching comes a steam treatment.

Gera: “It was amazing how soft my hair was after the treatment! Like, wow!”

Our model loved it so much, in fact, that she actually fell asleep. And she woke up later on like this…


The beauty of it is that the real color only comes out in a few days. ;)

As recommended by Sia, Gera returned to DuSol Beauty a few days later for another round of treatment.

Simply a must-have for all the intensive bleaching and dying her hair went through!

Highly recommended – this is a 3-step treatment that goes deep into your scalp and every single strand on your head.

DEESSE’s [L.M] 3 + 1 treatment requires plenty of steaming – each with their own products that help to work their way into your roots for the ultimate hair treatment.

Whether you are doing bleaching/dying or not, this treatment is great for anyone who just wants smooth shiny hair.

After the entire process, here’s how Gera looks like finally!

A shade that gives off liveliness against her medium-warm complexion and rosy cheeks; thoroughly well-treated hair strands that look super healthy… And Sia even tried out a new hairstyle on her!

DuSol Beauty also gives treatment tubes for customers to bring home – just to make sure that your hair gets its required dose of nourishment. ;)

Here’s a quick recap of our model Gera’s hair-changing experience with DuSol Beauty!

Gera: “I feel so much happier with how my hair looks now! Plus, I’ve received tons of compliments since! :)”

Thanks to our awesome stylist, Sia, and our model, Gera!

Do visit us at our salon if you too wants a change of look , our expert stylists will kindly be of assistant to your request. Remember professional help is always better than doing it yourself! 


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