Korean Beauty Trend : Cushion Foundation

As you know, Cushion Foundation has become a huge trend in Korea. Almost every Korean Cosmetic brands have it in their assortment, with prices ranging from ₩18,000(S$21.94) to ₩45,000(S$54.71), inclusive of refill.

These products have a variety of slightly different benefits, so you can choose one that suits your preference. Consider the points below, and find your best Cushion Foundation!

1. HERA 'UV Mist Cushion' 15g

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 SPF 50+/PA+++ ₩45,000(S$54.85) includes refill

Suitable skin type : Dry, Normal, Combination

- Perfect coverage

- Delicate floral fragrance

- Cooling effect

- Creates bright skin

Additional note : It's easy to re-apply throughout the day without caking or looking too thick.

2. IOPE 'Air Cushion XP' 15g

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SPF 50+/PA+++ ₩40,000(S$48.75) included refill

Suitable skin type : Dry, Normal, Combination

- The origins of Cushion Foundation

- Containing mineral water, vitamins

- Lightweight

- Creates bright skin

Additional note : It offers medium coverage as compared to HERA but it's buildable.

3. ETUDE HOUSE 'Precious Mineral Any Cushion AD' 15g

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 SPF 50+/PA+++ ₩18,000 (S$21.94) excluded refill

Suitable skin type : All

- Medium coverage

- Medium staying

- Cooling effect

- Excellent tone correcting

Additional note : For re-applying you should be careful not to apply too thick.

4. INNISFREE 'Water Glow Cushion' 15g

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SPF 50+/PA+++ S$34.00 (RP in local stores) excluded refill

Suitable skin type : Dry

- Light herbal scent

- Natural dewy finish

- Creamy texture

- Eco-friendly packaging

Additional note : It offers low coverage than any other Cushions.

Tip: Cleansing the puff

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1. Soak the puff in luke warm water

2. Apply foaming cleanser or puff cleanser on the puff (Applying the cleanser after lathering)

3. Press the puff with thumbs from inside out to remove foundation residue. Repeat the step in running water

4. Remove excess water from the puff and dry it in a well-ventilated area.

* Don't rub or wring out the puff to prevent cracking and ripping off

* Washing your puff every 3-6 months for hygiene purpose.