Find the Best Hair style for your face shape

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Do you know what hair style looks really goo

d to you?

To know that, one of the most important factor is to consider your face shape. There are four different face shapes and each have distinct characteristics. By seeing the explanation below, you can easily determine your best hair style. Face shape can be divided into four types largely.

Type 1 : Round Face Shape

Change your bangs!

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Many people with round face are often told that they look so young or baby face. But sometimes their face will look bigger than other people because the fullest part of a round face is the cheeks. For this cause, Korean celebrities with a round face doesn't sport bang styles. If your face is round like these lovely ladies, try side swept or long bangs that create an arc, elongating your face. The loose curls with layered hair also helps to add balance to your face.

Type 2 : Square Face Shape

Contour your jaw line slightly!

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Many people with square face are the most stressed out group because of their prominent jaw line which gives you a strong feature. If you have long hair, then cut your hair into medium length. Do a Volume Magic Rebonding for contouring your jawline to make it looks slim and sharp. If you have short hair, cut your hair into bob style until chin length to create elegance and polished look.

Type 3 : Oblong face shape

Give volume to your hair!

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People with oblong face shape have to avoid long straight hair style. This will make their face look longer because long straight hair is easy to highlight your face. So, do a Loose Setting Perm which can create luxuriant hair volume and fresh look. In general, this type might have a fairly high forehead, so bangs is also the best way to contour your forehead.

Type 4 : O

val face shape

Show off your face shape!

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Oval face shape is considered to be the ideal face shape because they suit any kinds of hair styles. Short hair cut, long straight hair and perm whichever you choose. You don't have to worry about contouring your jawline with your hair. Just choose any hair styles that defines your key features. A pony tail hairstyle goes perfectly well with this face shape too.

Finding your 'best fit' hairstyle can make you look gorgeous regardless of your face shape. This leads more self confidence about your own image. Boost your inner confidence by changing your hairstyles now!