Dating Advice : Korean Romantic Date Outfits

Heading out for a date this Summer and need something to wear? Try considering Korean-style date outfit! Whether you're heading to the museum or a night out for drinks, Korean inspired ideas have got a wide range of outfits for different occasion that will make you feel confident, look great, and impress your man!

Scenario 1 : Amusement Park Date

The Amusement park is a must-visit place for couples in Korea. Spend your weekend date with some thrill rides or fun activities with a casual outfit. Shorts are recommended for such activities together with a pair of comfortable covered shoes. Try matching a simple T-shirt with suspender shorts for a youthful, refreshing look. You may also want to consider layering your top with a denim jacket. This will come in handy when you take wet rides.^^ Floral print items will add a romantic point to your overall look. 

Scenario 2 : Museum Date

If you want to avoid the hot day during summer, an indoor gallery or museum is the best place for your date. Be it arts appreciation or any other special exhibitions, a date in an artistic environment with your boyfriend can give you and your love ones a brand new experience. A date in the museum will show the other half of yours a different side of you! Classic feminine item such as high heels, pencil skirts will complete the smart casual outlook much needed for your museum date.

Scenario 3 : Picnic Date 

When it comes to outdoor, getting dressed up can be really tricky. The key is to keep it functional and comfortable, and yet look great in the end. Outfit 1: A solid color maxi dress with a platform sandal, with your hair let down can create the demure look. Complete your picnic outfit with a big sun hat as well as a woven handbag. For a casual look, pull up a pair of worn-out jeans, topped it with a linen top and slip on a pair of embellished sandal. Accessorize your outfits with beaded bracelets for a laid back look. No matter what you choose for your outfit, remember this important note : Put on sunblock and sunglasses to protect yourself from the afternoon sun! **The glaring sunlight is harmful for your eyes as well as your delicate and beautiful skin**