2014 Summer Styling : Korean Mens Trendy Regent Cut

If you were a big fan of Korean series <The heirs>, you must remember Choi Young Do's stylish hairstyle. This classic and dandy style, called 'Regent Cut' continues to be the hot trend for men's hairstyle from last winter. This summer, try this masculine and suave hair style to show off your hidden charms!

Regent Cut

Image Credit : Naver

Regent cut refers to a short hairstyle with forehead exposed, which highlights masculinity. The basic concept is hair swept upwards from the face exposing the forehead, with short trimmed sides and back. It does well in producing a clean, classic and gentle outlook. Additionally, this hairstyle works for men who have the square-shaped cheek line since it reveals a distinguished jaw line and creates that stylish urban look. Another good news for guys with a round-shape facial features - This hairstyle creates an illusion of you having a longer face with back swept bangs that add height to your crown.

The most important thing when doing the regent cut is to part the hair into 1 : 9 sections clearly. The main body on the hair crown is kept long in contrast to the short sides. Hair wax is recommended for keeping the hair combed back in shape. Tip : Do not press bangs and hair crown to give your crown more volume. In particular, you need to control the amount of wax used according to your hair condition.

Image Credit : The Innocent Man

Korean actor Song Joong Ki also showed off his new look on the famous Korea drama series <The Innocent Man>. He portrays a strong character, revealing his charisma with the regent cut. Unlike his previous mild image, this styling definitely helps him stand out as a 'real man'.

Image Credit : NYLON KOREA

Regent cut is ideal hair for curly and disheveled hair. You can easily style your hair with a hair dryer and some hair wax. Moreover, it can create a variety of styles by adding perms or simply changing the texture of bangs. So, check with your hairstylists for advice on which kinds of cut that will suit you perfectly! :)