Tips For DIY Hair Color

With so many DIY hair color products available nowadays, anyone should have tried coloring their hair in their own convenience at home. And it probably was not very satisfactory and ended up with a color that was not intended. With reference to the video of a famous Korean Beauty Youtuber,




Bleach your hair before using your coloring product for brighter color expression. Think of it as painting colors on a white paper instead of a black paper. Colors show better on brighter (bleached) hair!

Try not to wash your hair for one or two days before dyeing your hair. It might sound a little gross but it helps accumulate your scalp sebum that acts as natural hair protection that reduces damage to hair later.

Apply any serum or oil and brush your hair downwards before dyeing. Make sure there are no kinks and it is important to brush your hair downwards, not upwards or in round motions as it will damage your hair cuticle.

It is good to apply lots of hair essence or oil before on the night before dyeing the hair. Remember to put a towel on the pillow to prevent the pillow from absorbing the essence.

Blow dry your hair with cold air after applying hair essence.

Apply the color product last on the scalp. Hair near the scalp absorbs the color very fast!

Remove the dye that got on the face or the neck with facial cream. Apply some cream on the areas with the dye and remove it with cotton pad.

Make some hair mask with your hair serum and hair oil. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply the hair mask thoroughly.

Wear a wet towel on your head and blow dry with hot air for 5 minutes. This gives hair treatment effect as the nutrients are absorbed better at high temperature.

After washing off the hair mask, blow dry with cold air.


For those interested to watch the video, here's the video:

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