5 Korean Drama Hairdos To Love!

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo), everyone!

All you Korean drama-lovers will be over the moon to know that DuSol Beauty's blog is now starting a monthly feature on hairdstyle in Korean drama and TV series!

So to kickstart our monthly special, we have picked out 

5 all-time popular Korean dramas

 to feature today! :)

1. Full House

Image: www.tododorama.wordpress.com

Going way back to 2004, this Korean drama is still one that tickles funny bones and makes romantic hearts swoon. It's no wonder with the adorable chemistry between Song Hye-kyo and Rain!

Image: www.flickr.com

In the series, Song Hye-kyo acting as Han Ji-eun, sports this low double-ponytail look that really gives off an appearance of youth and innocence. Especially with the dark color, it creates a very fresh and clean appearance.

However the real important part of this style is the curled hair! Notice that it isn't straight and flat - instead her locks are slightly curled and this gives a very voluminous and lively look.

2. Boys Over Flowers

Image: www.viki.com

In this drama series of perfect princes, the one that caught our eye was really Kim Hyun-joong as Yoon Ji-hoo.

Image: www.spcnet.tv

Playing as the gentlemanly-romantic type, his image was that of a sweet dream. With gorgeous milk-coffee shades, the hues of brown gives him a hint of softness that lines his face. Followed by a medium-length and very subtle waves, Yoon Ji-hoo looked every bit the knight in shining armor girls dream of.

3. Personal Taste

Image: www.ihalo.wordpress.com

In this super hilarious series, what we loved was the adorable spontaneity of Son Ye-jin playing as Park Kae-in. And her hairdo was simply cute too!

Image: www.sritown.com

Tying up her fringe into a tiny little bun on the side, and loose curls all around to frame her face nicely. Not only does it radiate flirty-playfulness, it also gives the illusion of a smaller face as well! :) When doing this hairdo, it's important to not be too 'strict' with hair falling around. The whole idea of the look is natural, easy and carefree!

Which girl wouldn't want to pay attention to her hair? Especially after

such a sweet scene

with the handsome Lee Min-ho...

Image: www.tumblr.com

4. Princess Hours

Image: www.freesubject2.blogspot.com

Also known as 'Goong', much attention is given to the starring cast and their exciting love stories. However we simply adored how spunky Princess Hye-myung looked with her hairdo upon her return from overseas!

Very unlike the conventional lady's hairdo, actress Lee Yoon-ji still managed to look every bit the admirable woman everyone should look up to.

Image: www.youtube.com

5. Pinocchio

Ending today's feature, we have one of 2015's favorite Korean dramas.

Image: www.obbo.com

In this series, everyone has got to love the sleek bob cut pulled off by Lee Yoo-bi acting as Yoon Yoo-rae.

Image: www.dramabeans.com

This style might be easy to maintain, but it requires sheer skill to achieve at the beginning. Entrust this task only to skilled professional stylists who know how to cut your locks to exact lengths that will flatter your face shape!

From then on, you are set to looking adorable and stylish without even trying hard.

Alright, this ties up our list! Do you agree with our list, or have anymore recommendation to add in? Don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Stay tuned for more of our monthly Korean Drama/TV hairstyle features!

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