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The lyrics "Four cities, two planes the same day" of Ed Sheeran's hit song "Don't" encapsulates the lives of most celebrities. From a fan meeting in Thailand, to a showcase in China, to a concert in Taiwan, our favorite Korean celebrities are constantly seen scooting around Asia and the rest of the world. In this style report, we focus not on airport fashion, but on airport hairstyles that are stylish yet travel-friendly.

1.Feminine Wave

Denim jacket: Low Classic / Sunglasses: Alo Eyewear Space

A new hair trend has emerged - the "


hairstyle, which is an acronym for "Miss, This Is Curling Iron" hairstyle sported by celebrities such as Girls' Generation members, Tiffany and Sooyoung, at the airport. In Korea, while there are many requests from customers at hair salons to perm their hair like so, the answer given by hairstylists is that it is impossible because it can only be achieved with a curling iron, which also explains the reason behind calling it the "MTICI" hairstyle. To achieve this look that allows celebrities to look paparazzi-ready even when dozing off on the plane, it is important to part your hair neatly and ensure that the curls are consistent.

Step by step:

1. Part your hair naturally to the right or left

2. Using a curling iron, create waves by rolling sections of your hair at least four times around the iron. The curls have to be consistent!

3. Remember to curl the hair at the back of your head as well. Curl it in any direction --- inwards or outwards. The texture and flow of your hair should look similar to that of thick ribbons.

4. For more natural looking curls, brush it once with a hair brush and finish it off with some hair essence to add a lustrous shine.

2. Effortless Bun

Sweatshirt: Mischief / Backpack: Coach / Passport case and wallet: Mandarina Duck / Sunglasses: Gentle Monster

These days, idols often go to the airport with natural looking, updo hairstyles. One of them is Miss A's Suzy, who recently appeared at Gimpo Airport with bunned up hair. Such hairstyles aim to give the impression that while the celebrity did not seem to care much, she is still able to pull off an effortlessly innocent look. If you are not confident of tying a bun, try doing it with 2 hair ties, using one to secure the ponytail and the other to create the bun.

Step by step:

1. Using a curling iron, create thick waves.

2. To add volume, part your hair into three sections and back-comb them.

3. Secure your hair firmly with your hand and loop a hair tie around it

4. Tie your hair as if you were tying a ponytail but do not loop it all the way through. Instead, allow the hair tie to remain at the tip of your ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

Original article and images from:

Nylon Magazine (2015, June edition)

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