4 Hot-Hot-Hot Summer Nail Trends

"Under the sun~ Under the sun~

Nails be so pretty

Cute, sweet & trendy

Take it from me!"

Get ready to nail it this summer!

While summer comes along with its own selection of fashion and adorable hairdos - we cannot leave out the nails! After all, the secret to looking effortlessly pretty is paying attention to the tiny details that others often overlook. ;)

This summer, we are going to take you ladies a step further. While those sweet pastel colors are great - we decided to look at trends that will give a little more oomph to make this summer worthwhile.

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So here are 4 super gorgeous summer nail trends that you can try out to really shine through this season!

1. Candy Sweet Shades

Instead of just putting one shade per nail, go for a combination of two or more! Pick out happy, candy colors that will scream the joys of a radiant summer.

And add a 'sandy beach' kind of feel by blending the colors with an ombre effect. A very fun-in-the-sun sort of look that will instantly brighten up any look!

Image source: www.navercast.naver.com

2. Various Levels Of French

The French nail is a timeless classic design that gives off a classy feel that also gives the illusion of longer fingers. 

This summer, treat yourself to French with a twist! Play around with the levels of French linings to create a classy and trendy look. Match up two of your favorite shades and show them off in style.

Image source: www.navercast.naver.com

3. Boxed Up Nail

Picture it like a pretty coloring exercise, instead of the French line - the line goes around your entire nail itself.

You're going to need two contrasting shades to make this work! Only then will the design will stand out and make a statement on your fingertips. 

Our personal favorite is to paint the entire nail with some shiny gold or silver glitter, then line it up with a solid black.

Image source: www.navercast.naver.com

4. Line Up 

Sometimes the best designs are the simplest. Here we are using the wonders of 'liners'.

Use the lines to box up your nail or to just create a simple and effortless design. For a fun and playful look, play with angles and paint the lines diagonally. Mimic a little bit of the French nail with horizontal lines towards the tip of your nails.

Otherwise, paint the lines vertically for a whole other look altogether. Really, the possibilities are quite limitless despite this simple inspiration!

Image source: www.navercast.naver.com

Do you have anymore summer-inspired nail trends that you want to share with other beauty-lovers like yourself? Don't be shy, we are


on the lookout for more ideas!

Nail it this summer!

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