Top 5 Color Trends in Korea by ‘Get It Beauty’ 2015

For those who want to catch up on Korea current beauty trends, 

‘Get It Beauty’

 is the best option. It is a TV program that is currently airing on a Korean cable channel called ‘OnStyle’. The programme promotes itself as a 

‘total beauty show’. It is considered by many Koreans as one of the most informative and unbiased shows with its comparison of various types of products. One of the more hyped segments of the show is the ranking of products or styles, to which many can refer when making a decision of which product to purchase or use.

Now, let us take a look at the hair color ranking of 2015 by Get it Beauty!


(Left to right: Jung Ryeowon, IU, Park Bom)

The Color ‘Marsala’ was chosen by us as the color of the year 2015. As mentioned in one of our

previous posts

, Marsala is derived from the name of the wine and is presumably similar to wine red color.

 Anyone would have to give it a try once in their lifetime as it is hard to go wrong with. Because of its classy and luxurious look, this color is an all-time favorite among many K-Pop celebrities (



ung Ryeowon

Park Bom

, etc.).

However, it is important to note that this color would not be as obvious if applied directly on black or dark brown hair, so remember to ask the hairdresser to bleach the hair appropriately before coloring. The color is best suited for those with fair skin but as the popularity suggests, it is just as fine for those with darker skin shades. 


(Left to right: Yura(Girls Day), Han Jimin, Lee Sungkyung)

It is basically a bright red-orange tint with a tad of ‘peachy-ness’. This color is considered to be one of the best summer colors because of its sunny and cheery feel. Now that summer season has returned in Korea, streets and beaches will soon be filled with women in peach orange hair. A risk-free color to try out in tropical countries like Singapore since it is summer all year round! It gets funkier when exposed under the sunlight. While this color accentuates fair/yellow skin well, those with darker or redder skin should avoid this color as the redness of the face would be more distinguished with less pleasant effects.


(Left to right: Suzy(miss A), Kim Seulgi, Taemin(Shinee) )

Just by the name of it, some might find it hard to imagine what color this could possibly be (ash+khaki+brown=??). This color is just as mysterious as it sounds, it literally contains ash(greyish), khaki and brown shades! It became much sought after when celebrities like (


 of miss A) sported it, rocketing it up to the third place just after wine red and peach orange. It has also been hailed as the color of 'elf' or 'fairy' because of its mysterious yet alluring quality, which makes it even more fascinating. Perfect for those with slight redness in the skin because khaki/greenish shade has diminishing effect on redness! Last but not least, for those who have darker skin tone, make sure the shade isn't too light.


(Left to right: Key(Shinee), Hani(EXID), Taeyeon(Girls Generation) )

Arguably the most commonly sported trendy color. Seated between the spectrum of blond and orange, it seems that almost all K-Pop idols have tried this color at least once in their singing/dancing career. Despite oftenly being described as ‘too mainstream’, it remains strong in the game; it is undeniably a good color for all 4 seasons, regardless of gender or age. While it suits well for fair skinned, this color looks great on dark skin tones as well, giving a healthy, cheerful feel. As a complementary act, you can also match your brow color to your hair. 

However, remember to avoid this color if the hair is too damaged or thin as it would aggravate the damaged portion. As a rule of thumb, it is best to hold off on doing any chemical treatment on already damaged hair for at least a month or two. Hair treatment should take priority as a prior step before further coloring.


(Left to right: Baek A Yeon, G-Dragon(BIGBANG), Joy(Red Velvet))

Unlike what the name of the color suggests, this applied color is actually closer to the shade of ‘rose gold’. What differentiates this color from other colors is that it has a range of shades. It could be mostly brown with a tinge of pink or leaning towards pink and less brown. (A tip for wearing this color: much sassy when done in two-tone style/ombre). Despite the feminine feel that pink usually gives, male artistes like



have pulled off this color wonderfully, proving it to be a must-try color for guys who are into unique hair colors. To ladies who want a bold change of style, give it a shot! 

While it is fun to give changes to the hair color, always remember that it is crucial to take good care of the condition of the hair and give it some 'resting period' before doing any chemical treatments to the hair. Here are some

tips to minimise damage to the hair/scalp


  1.  Avoid washing hair with shampoo before dyeing. Chemicals may damage the cuticles as they can seep into the clean pores.
  2. Apply a small amount of the chemical on the inner side of the wrist and see if any allergic reaction occurs within 48 hours of application.
  3. Avoid root hair dyeing until it grows up to 2-3cm. Recommended period is 2-3 months after dyeing.
  4. Try to use hair products catered to protecting hair color rather than the standard ones; they neutralize the alkalinity of the hair and prevent UV rays from discoloring the hair.

Also, here's the link to the '

After Sun Hair Treatment : Deesse's 4 Step Treatment


Last but not least, below is Dusol Beauty's own hairstylist

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3D Coloring

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