DIY Korean Trendy See-Through Bangs

Light-weight See-Through Bangs is very popular among the young Koreans these days. So what are the features of a See-Through Bangs? Let us name you a few!

Features of See-Through Bangs:


It shows a little of your forehead.


It is touching the middle part of your nose bridge when you tug it.


It is curling inwards.


It rest slightly above your eyelids.

Save the hassle of making a trip down to your hair salon to get your fringe trimmed. Korean hairstylist, Erica Baik will show you how you can cut your fringe behind your door. It's really easy if you follow these 3 steps!

Step 1:

Start sectioning your hair into a triangular shape, 2cm from the start of your hair parting. Arrange your hair in the middle like how Erica did in the picture.

Step 2:

Position your thumb upright in between your face and fringe (about 2cm below the start of your nose bridge) and trim the ends along the tip of your nails. 

Step 3:

The final result is a semi-circle fringe with the sides a little longer as shown in the picture. 


Hairstylist, Erica would recommend to set curls for your fringe to give it more volume. After a hair wash, set your fringe in a big hair roller and blow dry to create an inward curling effect. Alternatively, you can iron your bangs using hair tools to create the inward curls. Long fringe may create a prickly sensation on your eyelids, if it disrupt your daily activities on a great extent, we would recommend that you trimmed it to your comfort length. However, do note that one of the main features of this Bangs is their 'length'. If you are not confident with your DIY skills, seek help with our Korean Hairstylists! It will cost you about 10 bucks to get a fringe cut with ease. ^^

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