Hair Advice : Tips For Managing Your HAIR LOSS

Don't you think your hair has gotten lesser compared to the past? There is a growing number of people who worries about their hair loss. The causes can range from simple and temporary to more complex issues such as genetic factors . Hair loss symptom has become a huge problem among young people due to excessive dieting, irregular life style as well as skin irritation due to air pollution. It's hard to recover when symptoms has surfaced. But, the good news is that hair loss is a

fully manageable condition if you tackle it early with the help of effective shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. Our Korean senior designer Edward Kim suggested a few ways on how to take care of your hair loss problem.

1. Wash & Blow your hair in the right way

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It's good to shampoo your hair and acupressure with your fingertips or use a hair brush to reduce irritation of the scalp. And the most important thing is to rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing at least 5 times. Hair Loss Only shampoo is essential, definitely. Start to

 blow-dry your hair from your crown and move down to dry the rest of your hair. Adjust your hair dryer to lukewarm temperature and when it's dripping wet, 

dry off your hair with cool air.

2. Avoid

Ultraviolet (UV)



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UV rays does not only affect your skin's health but your hair as well. Exposing your hair to the sun can weaken it, dry it out, make it lose its shine and results in hair loss. Wear a hat(remember not to put it on tightly) or carry a umbrella to protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays.

3. Change your Eating Habits

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Stay away from the foods that can aggravate your hair loss and switch to the foods that promotes healthy hair growth. So, foods like black sesame, black soybean, green tea, and collagen-rich pig skin should be added to your diet.

4. Try to Avoid Stress

Stress is another cause for hair loss because it produces a contraction in the blood vessels that also supply blood to you hair pores. As a consequence, your scalp becomes malnourished and your hair gets weaker which in turn leads to hair fall.

Senior Hairstylist, Edward Kim recommends two Hair Loss Only products <NIOXIN and KERASTASE( SPECIFIQUE BAIN STIMULISTE)>. Both these products are famous for treating Hair loss problem and received many good reviews around the world.


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NIOXIN has a complete line of hair products and scalp treatments that helps to optimize the health of the scalp resulting in youthful, healthy-looking, and often thicker hair. Especially, <NIOXIN Scalp & Hair Three-Part Systems> is designed for individual hair types. To choose a three-part system for you, simply match your hair type with one of systems on our web site.


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KERASTASE launched the 1st energizing shampoo targeting at thinning hair. 

This product contains a high concentration of Arginine, which accelerates micro-circulation. It also contains Gluco-Lipide, which feeds the roots of your hair with the vital nutrients that is needed for healthy hair growth. 

It's time to do something about your hair loss before it's too late! If you want to consult with our hair stylists to choose the right Hair Loss Only products for your hair, feel free to contact any of our Hair Salon branches. And also you can buy <NIOXIN and



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