Fashion Advice : Wannabe Korean Mens Dandy Look

When you watch the Korean drama, have you ever thought about this sentence 'I wish my boy friend would wear like that Korean celebrity!'. If it's positive, pay attention to this post to avoid making your boyfriend a fashion terrorist.

These days, Men's clothes are the NO.1 birthday present from their girlfriends in Korea. That is, Women are more interested in their boyfriend's fashion than men themselves. The key is how to optimize simple items like t-shirt, pants, and shirt in details!

Dandy style, not flamboyant but comfortable, is considered Korean men's wannabe number 1 fashion style. You can easily show off this style by matching simple t-shirt or shirt with slacks.

Styling 1 : Shirt & Slacks & Clutch bag

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: It's the most basic item. Cotton is okay, but If he wear linen and bast fiber fabric, it gives off an impression of cool and refined style in this hot weather.


: It make his legs look longer by exposing ankle. For normal cotton pants, just roll the ends up to ankle length.

Clutch bag

: It's a good match for casual outfit and even suits without awkwardness.


: It's the best point item to complete the fashionable dandy look with Slip-On and Loafer shoes.

Styling 2 : T-shirt & Half pants & Back pack

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: It gives men a more casual look with printed T-shirts.

Half pants

: As we have posted in our earlier post, this year, half pants is very popular in Korea. It can create different looks depending on it's fit. The recommended length is proper about 3~4cm above the knee cap.

Back pack

: It can easily match with any style. Especially, square line one can create either modern or casual look.

Styling 3 : Office fashion

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Dandy fashion can be easily pull off in office settings too. You can accentuate his Dany look starting with his office wear! Optimize gray, dark blue and black color, you can show off a clean and smart look through fashionable dandy style.

Styling of Korean Celebrities

You can also get your inspirations of various dandy look and trend from Korean Male Celebrities(from left actor

Yoo Yeon-Seok, Kim Soo-Hyun, Lee Min-Ho, Jang Keun-Seok

, and Super junior idol, 

Choi Si-Won

). Yoo Yeon-Seok, who is usually seen sporting dandy style, showed off  his casual style with a comfort T-shirt and Half pants. Scarf is his key fashion accessories! Whereas the key point of Kim Soo-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho are their individual shoes which helps to create that smart look in casual wear. Especially, Lee Min-Ho, he drop all accessories and put on a pair of unique leather slip-on shoes. In addition to these apparels, you can show off perfect dandy look with nice square line back pack or a showy pattern clutch bag.

Great dandy look is never complete, if you have tangled hair, proper hair styling is essential to match up with your fashion. So we would recommend him to get a Dandy Cut hairstyle.

Dandy Cut

Dandy Cut, is one of the stylish hairstyle and haircuts ideas for Men to enhance his appearance and look. This is

 typically heavier on the top and front, with fringe longer on one side. Depending on which perm technique you choose, it can show off a variety of Dandy cut styles.  A great choice for a clean dandy look that’s easy to style.

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