After Sun Hair Treatment : Deesse's 4 Step Treatment

Your hair needs a holiday too. Give your sun-exposed hair a good rest to repair colour fade, dryness and burnt scalps. The most important thing you have to consider when you choose after-sun hair treatment is moisturising. Since the hair is damaged by the salinity of the sea water and intense ultraviolet light, it becomes very dry and crumpled. Deesse's 4 step Treatment can be your best choice to repair your hair by supplying moisture and nutrition after your vacation! Our Korean Senior Hairstylists recommend this signature treatment of Dusol Beauty Hair Salon.

What is Deesse's 4 Step Treatment?

Deesse's 4 Step Treatment is a quick 4-step salon treatment system from Japanese brand "Milbon". It includes a weekly home-care component that improves the quality of hair without leaving a greasy feel. It uses natural scents to smooth out rough hair, keeping your tresses hydrated and preventing split ends. It maximizes shine and silky locks. This signature treatment clinched Dusol Beauty Hair Salon the Best in Beauty Award 2013 by Singapore Women's Weekly.

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As the name implies, Deesee's treatment involves 4 steps of delicate, yet intensive treatment. it comprises of 3 steps salon-care and 1 step home-care.

Step 1. 

Apply 1st step cream evenly through hair. 1st step cream contains amino oils, which smooths out the bumps on the surface. When applying cream, the hair is constantly massaged with fingers. This improves nutrient and treatment absorption for the hair!

After applying cream, set up the steamer for 20 minutes. By applying steam to the hair, the cream can permeate into the scalp and hair. Comb hair well and neatly before proceeding with the steamer.

Step 2. 

After steaming for around 10 minutes, pause the machine and apply 2nd step cream on hair, especially the damaged parts. This cream is effective in retaining moisture. Start steamer again and spray steam 10 minutes.

Step 3. 

Finish up the second step, proceed to shampoo room and start Step 3. First, rinse the excess cream from the hair and clean the scalp as well. Apply 3rd step cream evenly and apply steam on hair for a duration of 7 minutes. This hair spa process helps the cream smoothen the top coat over the moisture veil, protecting the hair after treatment! You can lie back and enjoy the treatment while it works its magic.


As we can see, the hair has become soft, shiny and smooth after treatment! During the whole process, it provides a consistent richness and silkiness down to the tips of the hair. the treatment's effect is very significant; the effect can be long-lasting with proper home-care : Step 4.

Our stylists also add the benefits of a bouncy, smooth, blow dry service after treatment :)

Don't forget the 4th step at your home!

The home-care treatment comes free with the service. This at-home treatments are given to help mend peeled-off top coat. The effect of treatment lasts for up to 4 weeks with the home-care. 

If you need a treatment for your damaged hair...

Our senior Korean hairstylists will help you to recover your hair with their magic hands!

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