5 Nail Trends You Can Do At Home

Remember ladies - outstanding beauty lies in the details. If you look closely at our beloved Korean idols, they are


with stunning nails that suited their image to the T.

Last week we showed you

4 Hot-Hot-Hot Summer Nail Trends

! This week we are going to reveal some hot nail styles that are friendly



1. Oh Glitter, You're So Fine

Image: www.lovethispic.com

Everyone who knows nails knows glitter polish. It's a great way to tad glamor into your finger tips! What is so wonderful about glitter nail polish is that they are actually superbly versatile. They are good on their own on all 10-digits, they are easy to mix-and-match with another solid colored polish, and they are great for creating an easy-to-do and stunning French manicure line.

If you are going for a 'firmer' sort of look, you can opt for those nail polishes that are highly concentrated in their volume of glitter particles! So when you sweep the polish on, your entire nail is covered generously with those shiny babies. Or if you prefer a look that radiates fun, look out for those glitters that come in different shapes and sizes!

Image: www.pinterest.com

2. When All Else Fails, Go For RED

In terms of nail polish shades, it would seem that red is the default color.

Image: www.amicnews.com

And for good reason! You get to play around with the countless different tones of red and they are somehow able to match practically every outfit. It also works hand-in-hand with your blusher and lipstick to give you a more radiant and sexier appearance.

But the most popular reason of all is that red nail polish actually makes your hands look considerably fairer!

Image: www.instagram.com

3. Be So Bold

Don't be shy, beautiful.

Image: www.popsugar.com.au

Be proud and pick out colors that are really vivid and bold! Bright and definitely attention catching, the only ingredient in pulling off this look is your confidence. You just need to know your fingers look awesome and everything else falls boldly into place.

Image: www.lovethispic.com

Play around with the playful colors and mix them up on different nails for fingers that look candy-sweet! Yum.

4. Naked To The Finger

The ultimate winner for the most versatile shade is the nude! Picking a color that is close to your skin tone is the best way to achieve that effortless natural look. Without looking like you piled on with the cosmetics, the nude nail polish will make you much more polished than usual.

Image: www.stylenanda.com

The beauty of it all is that it is somewhat 'customized' to you! What works brilliantly with your skin tone might not work on someone else;) It is entirely



Image: www.gorgeous.uppercanadamall.com

5. Dressed & Decorated

Image: www.blog.korea.net

Sometimes we just get a little bit more adventurous with how our nails look and want to inject some oomph.

So on top of your usual favorite color, you could try out some of the countless nail decoration available! From adorable stickers, shiny gems to gorgeous stickers for the whole nail and creative French designs - mix them up however you like to create a design worthy of your personal style.

Image: www.the cutestmakeup.com

Product: Etude House Sweet Nail Art Sticker

Image: www.kollectionk.com

Product: Skinfood Easy Nail Sticker Rose #18

Image: www.cutestmakeup.com

Product: Etude House Sweet Nail Art Sticker

So there you have it! 5 different sorts of nail styling that you can easily do in the comfort of your own home and finish off looking like you had an idol's manicurist;)

Have you tried any of these ways yourself? Or do you have any more tips that you could share? Don't be shy and let us know!

Till next time, be beautiful right down to the nail!

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