There is nothing like a fresh hair color or a new hair do to put a little pep back into your steps. So why not try one of these new hairstyle trends inspired by the well-styled tresses donned by Kore's most fashion-forward celebrities? 



Simultaneously darling and daring, baby micro-bangs may well be the edgiest of this season's hairstyle trends. Micro-bangs make a bold statement, framing the forehead and drawing attention to the most important facial features: the brows and eyes. 

Yubin (Wonder Girls') 

Yubin (Wonder Girls') 

The ultra-short fringe look has been making the rounds among fashion forward Koreans celebs. Wonder Girls' Yubin channels super-grunge vibes with the look. 


Micro-bangs were most recently seen on actress Lee Sung Kyung in the hit Korean drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, where Bok Joo's weightlifting training contrasted as much with her sweet, goofy personality as her adorable and more wearable micro-bangs. 


You can even spot fashion savy men of Korea taking a liking to the micro-bangs trend, as seen on boy band SHINee member and men's fashion icon, Key. 



Arguably made popular by actress Kim Go Eun in the 2016 drama Cheese in the Trap, the hippie-perm is now a go-to-trend for those with long manes looking for a hair makeover. 

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The look can be achieved with a variety of curl types - loose waves, ribbon curls, and even crimped styles - and with a range of different methods, from getting a perm at the salon to using DIY methods at home. If you have bangs, make sure to curl those too, so they fall haphazardly on your forehead. 


Former f(x) member, now actress Sulli looks ultra sophisticated and sexy yet playful with her curly locks, and matching see through fringe. 



Itty-bitty bangs and frizzy curls not your thing? Try adding a feminine touch with wipsy, barely-there bangs. This easy-to-do accent, if done right, can add a asubtle contour to your face, slimming down cheekbones and minimizing larger foreheads. 


You can always trust former 2NE1 rapper CL to add edgy, badass vibes to any look, and the see-through fringe is no different. While her signature bold-cat eye and unwavering pout does not exactly signal an open invitation, the wipsy bangs soften up the look, creating a strong yet youthful aura. 


You don't have to limit the layers to your bangs only. Ask your hairstylist to add some face-framing texture for a sophisticated fringe look. Be careful though, if the layers are to haphazard, the overall look can be less 'shaggy chic' but unflattering and unruly. 



Add life to day old hair with some help from dry shampoo and hair roller, which will instantly give you volume and texture. 



For those of you who love to simply get up and go, the loosely tousled lob (long bob) is the perfect hairstyle for you. With minimal layers for a blunt-cut finish, the lob can fall at varying lengths, from chin to shoulders. 


Model Byu Jungha is sporting the effortless lob, adding just a few light layers to frame and add dimension to her face. TAKE NOTE and try the style in brighter, lighter, and funky hues for an ultra-chic look. 


Girl's Generation member turned actress Sooyoung Choi sport the lob at collarbone length. It is the most versatile length that gives you both the lightweight feel of short hair and the option to style in an up-do. 

Get the most out of this hairstyle by minimizing your shampoo time. For the first day, use a straightener or wide-barreled curling iron to add loose waves; the next day, simply spray on some day shampoo for an easy, on-the-go look with extra volume. You could even opt to try a third-day look (if you are brave enough to) with dry shampoo, which will add even more texture and volume to the style. 


Source: https://w2beauty.com/2017/07/hairstyle-trends-korea-celebs/


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