Various shades of pink are still the centre of attention. The love towards this feminine hair color is increasing day by day. Nowadays, millennial pink hair color is concurring Instagram feeds and that's AMAZING. This is another undertone of pink that represent the entire generation. Millennial pink is not just a trend it is a way of thinking. 



When you think of pastel-pink hair, 'Minimalist' isn't the first word that comes in mind. This trend look subtle, opting for a whisper of pink with a sodt pearlescent sheen. 



Model, Irene Kim, known for experimenting with dozens of Technicolor hues, always seems to come back to her favorite shade of pink. Irene opts for a brighter iteration, weaving in hints of orange and yellow for a summery version of the color. 



Why? Well, Millennial pink hair is definitely on trend, and it is easy to achieve and maintain. It requires less maintenance when compared to other hair color made with bright hues. If you have blonde hair, adding millennial pink touches to strands can give it warmth and the subtle hue to it. 

If your hair has texture, this is a great color to choose as well. Since the color is composed of pink tones, it will look best when there is texture involved. Make sure to style your hair with some waved or curls for that extra texture if you have naturally straight hair. 

Want to give this trendy color a try? Head down now to any of our salon, our expert professionals are ready to assist you! 


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